Here are some samples of WordPress themes made with Artisteer. DL the Zips if you like the pics 🙂

By starting from a picture or logo image to create the color pallet, one can achieve unique themes in a fraction of the time needed by more conventional means. Artisteer is a “snowflake maker”. More CMS platform samples in development.

The ZIP themes are under a CC license and are FREE to Download and use according to its terms. If you seek ArtIsteer source or consulting, please contact me for a consultation. I can normally build an approved WP theme within 1 hr.

  1. Mars rover based WP
  2. DL MR ZIP
  3. Nautical WP theme
  4. Download TS ZIP
  5. Colors from TX Blue Bonnet wild flower. WP
  6. Download BB ZIP
  7. Art Deco Miami WP
  8. Download MIA ZIP
  9. Hubble image based WP
  10. Download HI ZIP

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